How To Manage Your Health and Fitness Goals at the Office

How To Manage Your Health and Fitness Goals at the Office

by Roselby Rodriguez


Searching for your WHY...

Being at the office is more than just work deadlines. It is also numerous social events, the donuts that appear out of the blue at 3:00 PM, the happy hour drinks on Thursday or Friday night.  All those situations can alter or interfere with our health and fitness goals.

When we are surrounded by people that are not in tune with our personal goals or with a health or fitness plan we have put together, it can be hard to maintain those goals and mindset every day.

The most important thing to consider is to be clear on what you want to achieve with your health program and how you want to feel.  Your WHY…(it will help you to be in tune with thoughts and desires)

Below are some tips that can keep you on track and make you accountable for what you want to achieve:

  • Set your goal with a time base and a high priority:  If your goal is to fit into your old favorite shorts for the summer, the time is set and it is your priority to choose food options and a movement program that will take you there. Even if it is walking more, or taking more stairs or to take that extra Pilates class.


  • Use sticky notes:  Place your notes on your computer, or by your desk or by your drawer to remind you what you need to do, eat or focus on.  Even a simple sticky note reminding you to take a break and breathe, can make a big difference


  • Plan and prep for your week:  Making some Mason jar salads ahead of time will take some of the pressure off your shoulders.   


  • What if you are Traveling for business: Traveling for work might require that you eat a lot in restaurants and  finding less healthy alternatives can be a possibility.   If this is your case, focus on low glycemic meals as much as possible and omit fried or package foods that come as an extra with your meal. Examples can be chips, cookies, French fries and pop.  Opt for salads and lean meats or fish.  Order water with a side of lemon and eat slowly.


  • Find an accountability partner:  Talk to a co-worker to help you navigate the office temptations and to make you accountable when going to a happy hour, to a dinner party or afternoon coffee/snack time.  When having a buddy system with someone on the same health path, life can become easier and you can count on a person with the same mindset and goals as yourself.  You don’t have to do this alone :)


With planning, awareness, reminders and preparation, you can stay on track and achieve the health goals you set to yourself. Especially if it is food-related, you need the reminders and the resilience to choose what is healthy and nourishing.  You don’t need to count calories in every meal you eat.  Rather, choose nourishing foods that will make a difference in the long run.


 Hello!  I am Roselby Rodriguez and I am a Nutrition and Wellness Coach.
"When healthy every day living is combined with movement and mindful thinking, real transformation take place"
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