Marching To The Beat Of Your Heart

Marching To The Beat Of Your Heart

Photo By: Brigitte Tohm


What do you think about when March rolls around and Spring is in the air?

When I hear the birds singing, & see the flowers begin to bloom, when the days become longer and I know the animals start to come out of hibernation, I feel a sense of wonder that inspires me to dive deeper within. And by doing so, I've been inspired to write this blog.

Photo By: Ray Hennessy


Why is it important to listen to your heart?

Let's answer this question by analyzing the alternative choice.

We live in an era of high technology & instant gratification, giving us the ability to access the world wide web at our finger tips, so we can retrieve all the answers to our burning questions. When in doubt, ask Google, right?! This seems to be the trend & at times can be useful, however, does this trend serve us on a deeper level? Or do we inadvertently give away our power by taking the easy route and googling anything and everything.

The evidence is clear when you begin to type out your search to find the most popular questions being asked, such as, "What is the meaning of life" or "What is my life purpose?" Although, it can be helpful for some people to get hints from google with these deeper questions, I do feel like this also takes away peoples opportunity to do their own soul-searching or critical thinking. By relying more on technology or an outside source to answer our deep questions, we end up losing touch with our heart and our inner being, which is where your wisdom is accessed.


Photo By: Tim Marshall


Remembering to tune into your heart, & listening attentively, could mean the difference between learning your own lessons or making someone else's mistake. All because you didn't take the time to listen to where your heart was guiding you towards.

At the end of the day, we all have choices to make, and each choice leads us down a different path, a different timeline of your life. Do you want to walk down a path led by the beat of your heart? Or do you want to walk down a path led by the opinions of others?

And, so I ask you, why is it important to listen to your heart?

Blessed Be.


Thể Oanh pronounced like Tey'One or Oanh 'ONE' for short, is an Oracle who serves as a Spiritual Guide, Image Consultant & Multidimensional Transformation Coach. She helps her clients gain unwavering confidence to consciously create a balanced life they love by becoming Spiritually aligned, looking sophisticated & feeling sexy. Do you feel inclined to get one on one guidance to help you take your life to the next level? Book your laser coaching session today:

Oanh is Vancouver's new HHW Branch Director.

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Let me provoke deeper thinking amongst the masses.

Every single Soul who enters this Earth, has been blessed with a gift, the gift of giving.

It's up to each Soul to rediscover what their here to offer the world more of because what you have to give, matters. You matter, what you think matters, what you say matters, what you do and do not do matters.

Don't dim down your light or hold back your love, receive love & give your love freely because the world needs more love.


With Love & Light.

Thể Oanh Oracle


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