Never Enough - Moving from Scarcity to Abundance

Never Enough - Moving from Scarcity to Abundance


I believe that there IS enough for all of us, and that we are all here to tap into the many blessings that have been provided to us.  Shifting from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset may take time, depending on how habitual scarcity thinking is for you.  It’s commonly suggested that just “thinking positive” will magically cure all the negative thinking, and that we’ll be floating in a bubble of happiness.  Well, it’s not that simple. 

Yes, thinking positively and having an attitude of expectation is important, but I find that, unless I anchor my thoughts in a way that I can actually feel myself moving forward, no real change takes place.


Here are some questions to begin gaining clarity on how you can start journeying towards abundance:


What often feels scarce or lacking in my life?

What effect do these scarce feelings have on other areas of my life?

How would I like to feel instead?

Feeling abundance in this area of my life would….


It’s true that we may experience things that cause us to feel vulnerable or limited in our lives.  However, a scarcity mindset is a CHOICE we make, just as an abundance mindset is a CHOICE.  We get to choose how we feel about the things that we observe in our lives, and this empowering gift to choose is what allows us to attract or push away what we most desire.  Choosing to see things differently doesn’t ignore the fact that challenges exist. By seeing things differently, we stretch into newer versions of ourselves that ultimately allow us to attract those higher vibe things and experiences that we want in our lives.  Why?  Simply because we’ve changed on the inside, and once that inner change takes place, the outer reflects who we’ve become.  It’s beautiful when that happens.


So, how can you move away from scarcity thinking and embrace an abundance mindset even more?






Written by Milissa Harding


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