The Lingering She-Cession and What We're Doing About It

The Lingering She-Cession and What We're Doing About It

This past week, we had our HHW Leaders call, a monthly session where all of our Branch Directors and Trailblazers come together for a meeting around our businesses and our roles in Happy Healthy Women.

As I was preparing for the call - I looked into some facts on women as it relates to the workforce, business/leadership and our current position VS 2 years ago.

Here are some facts I found:

The pandemic has driven millions of people out of the workforce, and 80% of them were women. A large chunk have also slipped into the ranks of the long-term unemployed.
This crisis has created a she-cession and has threatened to roll back the hard-fought social and economic progress of all women.

Rates of depression and anxiety are rising. They're nearly double for mothers and higher for mothers who are Black, Indigenous or other women of color.
Women are not encouraged to become leaders the same way men are. Their journeys are riddled with both systemic and structural barriers.

As I read these - a wave of sadness certainly came over me. "How are we STILL here?"

Then, I read this!
Women need:
  1. A support network
  2. Leadership training and coaching
  3. To learn how to ask for, and earn more money
  4. To gain experience in leadership .
  5. To take strategic risks for professional growth
  6. To achieve optimal wellness

My thoughts instantly shifted. My heart started to BURST with joy in knowing that this is what we are here for. This is what we have always been here for. This is what we do best. This is Happy Healthy Women.

As I shared these findings with our leaders, we spoke of our movement and all that we are doing to help women across the globe step into all 6 of those. We spoke about the fact that we are all needed more now than ever before. We stepped into even greater collective power.

I write this here because if you have committed to serving women in any way that relates to the above and also NEED more of the above,
we invite you to lock arms with us.

As I have said time and time again, yes, we are a networking group...but we are so much more than that.

If you're curious as to what stepping into leadership with us looks like, and want to understand how it can help you and your business,
we ask that you fill out this form and we will book a call to discuss.

There is a force so MASSIVE that is moving this mission forward, and there's a place for you here.


In Happiness & Health,

Natalie Colalillo

Founder & CEO Happy Healthy Women

Instagram: @happy_healthy_nat

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