Can Reiki Help Me Lose Weight? 3 Ways

Can Reiki Help Me Lose Weight? 3 Ways

“If I could just lose ten more pounds, I’d be happy.” Sound familiar? This became my long-running mantra for several years in a cycle of workout regimes, diet plans and this thing called life i.e., changing jobs, moving, having kids, sleep deprivation, stress, starting a new career path, etc.


There were times when I was working VERY diligently; eating clean but I couldn’t lose the extra weight. I would change my workouts; tweak my diet further and NOTHING. I realized my external discipline didn’t match the internal chaos I was experiencing and that was the gap between where I was stuck and where I wanted to be.


Last year in 2018, something amazing happened; I lost 20 lbs. They shed off of me like a snake skin, revealing a completely new person. It was a significant transformation for me because I realized it wasn’t only the physical weight that came off but more so the emotional baggage I finally released that was hampering all of my previous efforts and weighing me down. Reiki has played the leading role in this process. 


Obesity is a serious problem for people all across the world and particularly in the North America. Because of obesity’s significant impact on an individual’s health and well-being, people are always looking for new, more effective ways to lose weight. 


Carrying extra weight can also cause an individual to feel self-conscious, embarrassed and unattractive. Over time, this can lead to mental health issues, such as low self-esteem, anxiety and depression.


How Reiki Can Help?


  1. Reiki improves balance and well-being.

When clients undergo Reiki treatments, they often feel more balanced, both physically and emotionally. Clients who are actively trying to lose weight may be more likely to stick to their weight loss plans if their sense of balance is restored. In addition, they may experience fewer of the negative mental effects of carrying extra weight, such as depression.


  1. Reiki reduces stress.

One of the primary uses of Reiki involves the reduction of stress. Stress is a common problem experienced by a significant portion of the population. Because stress has been shown to increase cortisol levels and contribute to weight gain, it’s clear that reducing stress could be beneficial for clients who are trying to lose weight.


  1. Reiki can improve sleep patterns.

Reiki sessions may be helpful to clients who have gained some weight because they aren’t sleeping well. Because Reiki may reduce stress and contribute to relaxation, clients may be able to get better, more restful sleep after treatment. This may contribute to better hormonal balance and a more normal appetite, which will help to prevent further weight gain and facilitate weight loss.


Reiki is most effective when used in conjunction with other weight loss treatments. Other weight loss methods that patients may combine with Reiki sessions include better eating habits, increased physical activity and weight loss medication. Cumulative Reiki sessions may enhance the effectiveness of each of these other weight loss methods by making clients more aware of their bodies’ nutritional needs, stabilizing their appetites and reducing unhealthy cravings.


You are more than just your body. Your body reflects your inner being; if your mind, body and soul are in balance then your body is in balance. The body is a complex machine designed by nature to serve the soul. Without the soul or connection to the vital life force, the body is loses vitality. 

Unlike any other healing modality, Reiki works on ALL levels to release what’s weighing down each energetic body in a holistic manner. Through Reiki you reclaim that power and facilitate your own healing at a natural pace and space. 



Dorothy Knight is a Reiki Master Teacher, Yoga Instructor and wholehearted writer. She currently practices Reiki in Mississauga. She is a certified Reiki Master in the Usui Method of Natural Healing. Her passion is to empower people to reach their greatest potential of health and wellness through Reiki healing methods.

Healing starts from within.

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