The 5 Personalities; Which One Are You?

The 5 Personalities; Which One Are You?

Have you ever wondered if your personality controls your actions, or is it your actions that define your personality?  

When I was little I was SUPER shy, so when my youngest son was uber shy and only spoke in whispers, I didn’t think it was strange at all.  I’d figured out myself that being quiet was peaceful and probably a survival trick, since I went to five different schools in 7 years.  I remained quiet and followed the rules unless something felt unjust. It was injustice, that even as the new young shy kid, I would always speak up even when it felt uncomfortable. 

I made posters when I was 8, and posted them in a local park when there was too much trash and asked people to clean up.  I marched on parliament hill at 13, for disarmament and put my placard on my parent’s front lawn, much to my mom’s dismay. Today I want women to know how beautiful their body is, and that it’s doing exactly what it was always meant to do. I want all women to know that their body is simply trying to speak up. 

So what are your thoughts on personalities? Are we born with them, or are they formed?  I believe a little of both. I’ve watched women show up in my facebook group and membership, in leadership roles and then quietly disappear.  I’ve watched other quieter women, eventually feel safe and trust the space they’re in, and they become chatter boxes and share vulnerable stories. It’s those moments that fill me with so much joy and connect us all.

I think we have a default setting and that situations either draw us out, or shut us down.

In my holistic health practice, I see the body do the same thing. Women with low iron feel weak and tired and need an afternoon nap to keep going. They often feel cold and unfocused, and tend to suffer from restless sleep. I see women grow quiet and feel an unease as their beautiful body shifts over time. I also see women tap into their strengths, rediscover their personality and feel re-energized and vital once again. 

After coaching over 50 women in my holistic health practice, I can now see the patterns in health and personalities.  I’ve even pinpointed the 5 personalities I see and what makes them tick.  What fuels their mind and body, what makes them smile, makes them hide and what makes them feel connected to others.  Want to totally nerd out with me for a minute? Awesome, let’s look at each one quickly

The Spy: She knows what she likes and doesn’t like and loves trying new things, but only if she knows exactly what she’s getting into. When it comes to cooking food she likes to follow a recipe and really wants to know what her body is saying. She’s tired of feeling guilty and confused by her 40+ body.

The Ringmaster: She’s the one who loves to take care of others but is finally ready to put herself first. She’s a master at multi-tasking and sometimes says “yes” when she really means no, but it's always because of her big heart. She feels guilty for her new desire to focus on herself,  but deep down, she knows that more “me” time will ultimately make her a happier person

The Detective: She knows that knowledge is power. She has a zest and love of life-long-learning and loves to share what she knows with others. She feels both curious and impatient with her changing body and thrives on routine and habits. She’s both frustrated and impatient lately, which isn’t her normal state of being, and is ready for more solid goals and an action plan 

The Magician: She’s ready to get to the root cause of how she’s feeling. She knows that self-confidence is the cure for stress, fatigue and brain fog and is an action taking woman. She’s frustrated that her body has been pushing back on her recently and is usually the talker in social settings with her friends. She too knows that with a few changes, she could feel in control of her body again.

The Wizard: She knows that her secret weapon is staying in action. She doesn’t let her changing body get her down and figures that her routines and exercise will even things out eventually.  She knows that food, mindset and lifestyle, all play a part in gaining control of how her body has been showing up recently. She thrives on routines and habits and knows that they can pay off over time.

The fun part of tapping into your symptoms is that they are your superpower.  They are your body’s messages and by recognizing what type of beautiful woman you are, you have the power to feel, look and sleep your best. 

Try the superpower quiz and discover your superpower personality.


Stephanie Huntjens White is a holistic health coach and wellness stylist who helps women flip their 40+ symptoms into their superpower by helping them feel confident and in control of their changing body, in a beautiful holistic way. 

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