The Role of the Liver On our Metabolism

The Role of the Liver On our Metabolism

The liver is an essential organ. It plays a role in metabolism, digestion, energy storage, and hormone production. It is also the major detoxifying organ in the body. The liver transforms substances that would be harmful in your body if they were not altered before being excrete.


The detoxification process happens in 2 stages:

 Phase 1: It is the first stage of the process and many nutrients are needed to ensure that toxins are starting to be removed from the blood stream. Vitamin B and Enzymes are essentials in the this phase to burn toxins including fatty ones so they can be more water soluble and easier to eliminate

Phase 2: This phase needs certain nutrients as well (amino-acids and sulphur) to continue the process of what is left from phase 1.  The liver makes enzymes that are responsible for the transformation of toxic substances, and how quickly the liver perform the function is directly related to the nutrition and how much liver loaders we are giving to our body.


Both steps of the detoxification process have to be in balance and the only way is with  enough nutrition for each step to work properly.  If toxins aren't broken down fast enough during   phase 1, they are recirculated through your blood until the liver has the material it needs to handle them, so when  the packaging in  phase 2 isn't able to keep up with the detox process, the partially-processed toxins build up in your body again. These free radicals can do more harm than the original toxins.


When you're exposed to a heavy load of toxins through the environment or diet, the nutrients needed for the second stage can become exhausted, preventing your liver from handling the load

Weight gain or inability to loose weight, skin rashes, eczema. rosacea, irritability, elevated cholesterol, bloating easily, too many coffees to keep up with daily activities, liver roll.  These are some of the symptoms that might indicate that your liver needs support. 

What are the liver loaders that create the symptoms mentioned above? Alcohol, trans fats, caffeine, refined sugars, pesticides and toxic skin care products and  medications.

There are many foods that can help cleanse the liver,  as well as a good liver support supplement that in my opinion, maintains proper liver function.

Green tea, grapes, leafy green vegetables (daily), lemons and limes, olive oil, cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, turmeric are some of the foods that we need to include in our diet regularly.


We forget the big role the liver plays in our life.  Next time you choose a liver loader, think about the consequences that those foods and toxins can make in your body in the long run.



Roselby Rodriguez  Health and Movement Coach

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