The Energetic Power Of Words by Judith Richey

The Energetic Power Of Words by Judith Richey

Words have power. There is an energy to the words you think, hear, feel and speak.  


It’s important as you are interacting with words to make sure you are using them to lift yourself and others up, to edify, to pour love into yourself and others.  


Because words can also be heavy, and cause hurt and pain as they are uttered. This happens every time you replay the limiting beliefs you have about yourself, or the hurtful words you heard shouted at you as a child.  


You can allow those heavy words to define you, to have meaning about you, to affect your sense of being. 


As you consider your relationship with words, the thoughts that come from those words, and how you define yourself, here are five ways to consider how the words you are speaking or thinking affect you. 


1. Are you speaking your words at the right time? 

If you’re in the middle of a disagreement or argument with someone, is now really the time to say that thing? Or, would taking a step back, cooling down, and then giving thought to what you want to say be better?  

Another point on speaking at the right time—are you an interrupter? Allowing the other person to finish what they are saying before you respond is one of the ultimate ways to show respect. 


2. Are you speaking facts?

Gossip and tale-telling are not factual. We so want to spill the tea, that we forget the damage our zest for being a part of, or fitting in, can have. 


Real consequences. Sometimes to someone’s reputation. Or to our relationships. Once those words are spoken, they cannot be taken back. 


3. Are you speaking gently? 

Whenever we feel like we aren’t being heard, sometimes we turn up the volume. Get loud.  

We might want to throw a snarky or rude comment back at someone. The result is broken communication between the two of you. AND, you might find that you regret that comment and feel shame about how you behaved. 


4. Are your words filled with value? 

Is your talk just idle chatter? Or are you adding to, enhancing and benefiting the conversation?  

When you’re speaking, is there wisdom flowing from you? Are you seeking to understand a situation? Are you contributing?  


5. Are your words coming from a kind heart? 

We’ve all seen the vitriol that consumes our news, airwaves, talk shows and social media. Are you a part of that? 

Or, are you distinguishing and setting yourself apart by speaking from a place of love and kindness?  




These five methods can be applied to both the running dialogue you have with yourself, about yourself, as well as in your conversations and interactions with others. 


If you find that you’re having a hard time speaking lovingly, kindly, with purpose to yourself, then you’ve probably got some limiting beliefs that could be cleared. 


In your interactions with others, pay attention to  what flows from you. As you start to make small, incremental changes, you’ll be surprised to find that your ability to get along with others will improve.  


Judith Richey is A Force For Transformation. As a spiritual and transformational healer, she helps women entrepreneurs use unconventional and non-traditional methods to create the life of their dreams.  

Judith is happy to be a Happy Healthy Woman Trailblazer on the Global Level. 


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