The Journey to Unconditional Self-Love

The Journey to Unconditional Self-Love

Love is arguably the most sought after emotion we seek at some point throughout our lifetime. Yet, often times we find it difficult to align with, and at times, love can even seem elusive.

I truly believe that our life experiences serve a purpose to help us learn, gain insights about ourselves & to evolve. I also believe that we will continue to have common experiences in life until we've learned what we were meant to learn, thus empowering us to deliberately break the cycle that entraps us into a loop.

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When it comes to love, there are so many variables in play, before we unite with our soulmates or our true loves. Some we have no control of such as the circumstances and others we have total dominion over such as self-love.

When we understand how the Universe works, that we are all energy, we know that we have the power to attract whatever we attune our vibration to. If it is the vibration of love that you successfully align with, then you'll see signs of love everywhere around you & in different forms.

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Thus, if we choose to attract love into our life, we must be love & spread love into every aspect of our lives starting with unconditional self-love. Relearning unconditional self-love will take conscious ongoing effort but will eventually become your state of being which feels easy & peaceful. In our journey of unconditional self-love, it's important to support yourself with acts of love, take up a hobby that brings you joy or take part in activities that you love. The goal is to surround yourself with loved ones & the energy of love. When you constantly give, receive and create more love energy into the world, the Universe will respond with more of the same for you.

May we all love & be loved.

Blessed be.

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Thể Oanh pronounced like Tey'One or Oanh 'ONE' for short, is an Oracle who serves as a Spiritual Guide, Image Consultant & Multidimensional Transformation Coach. She helps her clients gain unwavering confidence to consciously create a balanced life they love by becoming Spiritually aligned, looking sophisticated & feeling sexy. Do you feel inclined to get one on one guidance to help you take your life to the next level? Book your transformation coaching session today:

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