The Power of Intuition and How to listen to it!

The Power of Intuition and How to listen to it!

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?:

How do I listen to my intuition?

How do I know the difference between my ego and my intuition?

How do I truly know that it's my intuition?


I so remember the first time I asked one of my mentors about my intuition.  'I think I'm wishful thinking' is what I told her.  And she chuckled at me and said, what's wrong with that?  Wouldn’t you rather wishful think knowing you are connecting to your intuition or doubt it every step of the way?

I didn't quite understand until years later!  Now that I have completely immersed myself in the learning of intuition and how it speaks to us, I can honestly say that the wishful thinking is part of intuition.  

When we wishful think we are activating our vision and our manifesting powers which are in direct connection with our intuition.


#1 - STOP

Stop for just a few minutes and breathe.  Intuition comes through in between the chaos, the chatter, the thoughts, the running around, the to do list, etc.  If you can take a few minutes to breathe, quiet your mind, that is the moment you will hear it.


Get out into nature, connect with people that fill your cup, breathe into your heart.  Intuition grows when you can connect with other living things.  We are part of an energetic world and when positive beings meets positivity, the frequency rises and your connection to your guidance increases as well.

#3 - LOVE

Intuition always comes through in a loving way.  If you feel yourself doubting, analyzing, judging, criticizing.  IT IS NOT YOUR INTUITION.  If you have a random thought and you think, hm.. was that my intuition, first check in, did it come through in love and calmness?  If yes, then yes it was!  As soon as your ego takes over, it'll start questioning it, just push it aside and believe your first impression.

#4 - TRUST

This is probably the biggest challenge we all face.  TRUST that your knowing is guiding you.  When you get a thought, an idea, a guidance, know that it is coming from deep within.  It might feel like you are imagining it because that is how it feels at first, go with it.  The more you surrender and you humour your imagination, the more your intuition grows. 


Completely give in to the guidance.  Make it a game and make it fun!  When you get a nudge, follow it.  If it feels good inside, if it feels peaceful then that is your intuition. Feel into your body and listen for the guidance.  It might come as a whisper, a feeling, a vision, a song just start being aware and surrender to that.  (You might experience this with reoccurring numbers, a song that you just can't get out of your head, or a nagging feeling)


Our biggest CHALLENGE when it comes to our intuition is our ego!  It's our logic mind.  It will jump in very quickly! Notice how fast the questioning and the doubts start. That is a clear sign that your ego has taken over. You are no longer in your heart, you are back in your head.  

When that happens, take a nice deep breath, bring your awareness from your head to your heart, feel into it and ask yourself, was that my intuition?  Then, listen to your body.  It will give you a soul yes or a soul no.  TRUST this answer.



Take some time tune in.   Notice how your intuition comes through and challenge yourself to honour its guidance.  Go against the ego and try following your nudges.  See what happens and what inspires you from this. 

Your intuition will only grow if you listen and action its wisdom.

Much love,
Rachel xo

Rachel Benton is a Licensed Life & Embodiment Coach and a ThetaHealing Energy Practitioner.  She helps women build their business in complete alignment with their truth and intuition and guides them to create a soulful life that FUELS and IGNITES them!

Rachel is also the branch director for Happy Healthy Women - Cambridge - Join the Facebook Group

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