The Secret of New Earth Manifesting

The Secret of New Earth Manifesting


"The world isn't fair."

That's what we've been conditioned to believe. That life is "hard”, and you have to "hustle" to make ends meet. That's the false paradigm that keeps us stuck in a system of modern-day slavery of service to FEW, the elite.

Where is your energy going?

Worrying about money takes ALOT of your energy. It also keeps you stuck in the old paradigm of lack mindset. Money is only a form of "currency"; it flows and is abundantly available for you.

You're not required to co-opt into anything that doesn't resonate with your soul, inner guidance, and well-being. Like EVER. You have complete authorization to override this reality.

Have faith and know, that you absolutely CAN when you embody and create from your Soul, your new reality.

Tune UP your intuition.
Ground IN your wisdom.


Every single differing thought, feeling and action puts you on a new timeline.

Timeline Jumping can help you create the life situations that you want. That's why it’s so important, if you really, really, really want something, to stay focused on it and its vibration!  Each time you digress from your manifestation by thinking a conflicting thought or getting triggered up into lower vibing energies, you jump onto a different timeline that affects your future. 

And the resistance will always show up right BEFORE a timeline jump. Because Timelines are like bandwidths.

Think of yourself as an airplane. As you gain altitude (your ascension process) the cabin pressure inside the aircraft remains stable so you can sustain being in higher elevation seamlessly.

Timeline jumping is no different. If the energy within you isn't anchored into itself to rise with another bandwidth, you cannot sustain it and can only hold the highest frequency available to you (that's why healing work is so important).

As many of you know, I have recently moved my life, my family and my business to Costa Rica.

It has been the boldest timeline jump I have ever made and it only took six months to manifest my paradise. Many people ask me how me about how I manifest, and timeline jump so seamlessly. There's no denying that these jumps do not come without challenges!

It's the energetics of manifesting. You are the master of your manifesting mojo; if you get distracted from your intention and its energy signature, your vibration dwindles; you drop your manifestation from showing up.

There are other "you's" that are already living the life that you want to live. Everything is only a matter of WHEN and aligning with the frequency of that timeline.


Do you feel like:

-You've been living life on a certain bandwidth or loop forever?

-Or you've been manifesting a better something but it's not showing up?

-Or your manifestation DOES show up, but you can't sustain it in reality?

Every single differing thought, feeling and action puts you on a new timeline.

All possibilities exist in our Universe. Your desire is there waiting for you to focus on it and bring it into view.


Join me for your most epic timeline jump yet👇
Timeline Jumping - An Embodiment Experience!



Dorothy Knight, known as “The 5dmom”, is a best-selling author & embodiment coach. Her coaching programs have helped hundreds of clients heal unresolved trauma and embody their full potential. She is passionate about empowering her clients towards self-mastery, illuminating the way to fulfilling their soul mission with passion, purpose, and play.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dorothy got degree in Journalism New Media from Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. After that, her path shifted into holistic health, and she received her teacher training in yoga. Dorothy is also a certified Reiki Master, Ohana Generational Healer and Conscious Parent Educator. As an author and Soulpreneur, she travels and teaches in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Dorothy is still a “stay-at-home mom,” homeschooling her two children while running a successful 7-figure business and writing books. 

She currently lives in Costa Rica with her husband and two children. Dorothy is the branch director for HHW Tamarindo.



Instagram: @5dmom

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