The Top Three Things Moms Confess to Me That They Don’t Want Others to Know

The Top Three Things Moms Confess to Me That They Don’t Want Others to Know

  1. “I need more money”

Today’s mom is full-time in the work force and full-time in the role of mom. Often struggling to make ends meet, many moms are still nowhere near earning the true value of what they give of themselves each single day. Moms want more money to invest in family, themselves, and their passions, yet many moms struggle with their beliefs around money.


  1. “I need to do more of what makes me happy”

Whenever I begin energy work with moms, the heart chakra is imbalanced 100% of the time.  This is where most moms have a tower moment with me and confess their disappointments, resentment, anger, guilt, and disenchantment with life.  What’s more amazing is that every mom will then apologize to me for telling me how they really feel. While moms may have more freedom than ever before, they also feel weighed down with more responsibility and expectations than ever before; having to consistently and constantly “hold it together” for everyone they feel responsible for supporting.


  1. “I need to love myself more”

Most moms have a strained relationship with themselves. They yearn to be happy and care-free with their kids, and their partners. They want to feel confident and be desirable. They want more time to do the things that fulfill their deepest passions. They want to feel whole again.


Every time a mom shares her story with me, I’m so amazed by her resilience, strength, and compassion. My mission is to reflect those often-overlooked qualities back at the wombman before me. That first glimpse into her Divinity is the catalyst to the journey before us as together, we return to the cradle of life that infinitely supports us.


Moms are master manifestors.

Not only are we blessed to bring forth life, but we are also well-equipped to birth realities as is our divine birthright.

Every mother can identify with these pain points, as they are pain points her mother and her mother before her.

She is the mother that will remember who she is. She is the mother to heal her generational story. She is the mother that will empower the generations that follow.

I invite you to recognize her and embody her in our work together. 1-1 coaching with me is the portal to your divine embodiment.


Yes! To more abundance

Yes! To Soulfully aligned living

Yes! To womb wisdom and wholeness.


I also invite you to unpack it all with me and your sisters in our 5D Mom 5 Day Reset. It’s free to join and it’s here for you to expand your reality into true abundance and bliss, guilt-free.


We got this mama.



Dorothy Knight is an Author and Spiritual Coach. Her coaching programs have helped hundreds of clients heal unresolved trauma and embody their full potential. She is passionate about empowering her clients towards self-mastery, illuminating the way to fulfilling their soul mission with passion, purpose, and play.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Dorothy got degree in Journalism New Media from Sheridan College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning. After that, her path shifted into holistic health, and she received her teacher training in yoga. Dorothy is also a certified Reiki Master, Ohana Generational Healer and Conscious Parent Educator. As an author and Soulpreneur, she travels and teaches in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. Dorothy is still a “stay-at-home mom,” running a successful 7-figure business and writing books.

Dorothy is the Director of the HHW Burlington Branch.

She currently lives in Burlington, Canada with her husband and two children.



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