What are the Stories that Define Your Life?

What are the Stories that Define Your Life?

The good stories look like a happy experience - a trip you took, laughter, loving memories, big opportunities.

Then there are the stories we tell ourselves THAT ARE LIES.

I used to believe that I had to work really hard to be successful.  Working hard meant that I was somebody, worthy and enough.

I used to believe that it wasn’t safe to be seen.  As a little girl I made up that story to stay protected and not feel hurt and pain.  I became a chameleon turning into who everybody else wanted me to be to feel loved.

I used to believe that I had to be perfect in order to be accepted.  That if everybody saw my flaws, I would be rejected and laughed at because that is what I experienced as a child.

All of these stories ran in my subconscious mind and ruled my life for SO LONG!

When I learnt that I had the power to change my thoughts, release my emotions and change the energy around my experiences, I wanted to know more. 

When I started digging deep and pulling out all of the beliefs and stories that I had, my habits, patterns and behaviours made sense. 

I realized that the stories weren’t true that they were survival.
I realized that I had been playing small because of the programming.
I realized that I had the power to change these beliefs into empowering ones.

And I did just that!  I rewrote my stories into beliefs that drive me towards my goals, that bring me closer to my highest self and that bring love and joy into my life.

Because when it comes right down to it, we all desire the same thing:

We are all the same.. Me included!  I have my own struggles and challenges too. And this is why I do what I do, to help you step into your full potential.


Take some time this month to notice the stories you tell yourself. What are the beliefs that drive you every day?  What are the behaviours & patterns that you have to get acceptance & love from others?  How are you keeping yourself small and playing safe?

And then ask yourself:
Are they positive or negative? 
How are they affecting the way I show up and the person I want to be? 
Can I, with certainty know that they are true? 
And if not, how can I re-write this story/belief to one that fuels my energy, that helps me flow with life and embrace every moment of it?

Everything starts with the energy of your beliefs!  Change that energy, release the emotions and choose to live your highest vision.

I am so cheering you on! You got this beautiful!

Much love,
Rachel xo

Rachel Benton is a Licensed Life & Embodiment Coach and a ThetaHealing Energy Practitioner.  She helps women step into the essence of who they are so they can build a business in complete alignment with their truth, intuition & integrity and guides them to create a soulful life that FUELS and IGNITES them!

Rachel is also the branch director for Happy Healthy Women - Cambridge (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1761666377428793)

Connect with her today:
Website: https://rachelbentoncoaching.com/
Instagram: @wildroserising

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