What It Actually Took To Become A 6-figure Entrepreneur by Kayleigh Kennedy

What It Actually Took To Become A 6-figure Entrepreneur by Kayleigh Kennedy

In 2021 I made the decision to leave my full-time corporate job and to dive into the exciting world of entrepreneurship! I was 33 and just about to wrap up my maternity leave, my son was 18 months old.

This decision came with a ton of risks - but even more rewards. I could have easily decided to stay for the stable pay, the benefits, pension, etc. But that is not what my heart and soul wanted. 
That is not what I wanted for my growing family.

That first year was HARD! I failed way more times then won. I invested more money into myself than I brought in. I went against logic time and again. My husband was not 100% on board. Can anyone relate? But, I believed in myself and that belief rubbed off on those around me. I kept going. I kept growing.  Persistence is a trait that every successful entrepreneur has had to
ingrain into themselves. 

This is where the magic lies. Going against logic. Doing the uncommon. And getting really, really uncomfortable.

If I wanted to live a common life, I would have stayed at my corporate job. But I always knew that wasn’t what I wanted. I always knew I was meant for big things. I think most people have that feeling within them, but not many have the courage to act.

It was towards the end of 2021 that I found my place at the coaching company that I have coached through for the past 2 ½ years. It was that investment that changed everything for me. Again, against all logic - I was broke, in debt and pregnant again. But I knew something needed to change. I took another leap of faith that finally paid off!

In 2022, I was so close to 6-figures…. Like inches off. But there were more lessons to learn - more growing that I needed to do!

2 years later, I more than 4X my income and earned more than I would have if I had climbed up the corporate ladder.

Everything that got me to over 6-figures is not exactly what most would say is the logical way. The lessons that I have learned and continue to learn, including continuing to go against logic will be what takes me to 7-figures and beyond. But, I still have to change. What got me where I am now will not get me to my next goal.

What it actually takes to achieve your goals, to multiply your income and to live the life you may have once only had a pipe dream of is a complete recreation of yourself, your beliefs and your habits. It is not working harder. I repeat… IT IS NOT WORKING HARDER!!!

I worked really really hard in corporate and barely had any money left after taking care of all my expenses.

In 2023, I worked far less than I ever had before (hours-wise). But, I worked more intentionally than ever before! I learned how to use my mind to start getting what I want. And I started to let go of the person who I was. The good, the bad and the ugly. Allowing for the new version of me to unfold. The bigger version of me.

The person I created and became in 2023 will not take me to the next level. I still have growing to do. A lot of it. I have to let go of even my most cherished beliefs and habits. The ones that served me getting me here have to go to get me to where I am going.

True manifestation is manifesting a new identity of yourself. It is developing a whole new consciousness. It is rebirthing. It is aligning yourself to your truth and that truth is that you have infinite potential.

My biggest lessons from this past year, which many are still unfolding for me are:

  • Make decisions only based on what you want. When I have a decision to make I only take into account these two questions: “do I want it?” and “will this help me move closer to my goal?”
  • Make space to dream, to write, to meditate - especially during the day.
  • Focus on service, providing value and giving back.
  • It is all self-image, continue to build a bigger image of myself and make that image clear in my mind.
  • Know where I am going and be humble and honest about where I am at.
  • You cannot force growth. But you can influence it.

Whether your goal is to hit 6-figures, 7-figures or 8-figures. It won’t be the same things that got you to where you are that will take you to where you want to go. It will always come down to your self-image. And, you cannot outperform the image you hold of yourself.

Now, as we enter into 2024, I have made the decision to go off on my own and forge my own path in the coaching industry. All of the lessons I have learned, all of my personal growth, and all of my investments in myself have given me the confidence and courage to make this next move.

The pathway towards your goal is not a straight one. The goal and purpose don’t change, but the plan can. Learning to lean into the discomfort will be what takes me, and takes you, to the
next level. Each and every time.

If you want to learn more about self-image, or you are ready to hit your next level in business, reach out. It is the strangest, most uncommon things that will get you there.


Kayleigh Kennedy is the Founder and Mentor of Limitless Coaching. Contact Kayleigh at hello@kayleighkennedy.com or follow her on Instagram @thekayleighkennedy

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