What’s Your Body Saying When You Feel Jittery and Hot?

What’s Your Body Saying When You Feel Jittery and Hot?

You know the moments, when you feel pulled in way too many directions?  Your mind feels like a pinball machine and you can’t quite catch your breath?  And then when you think about the things you need to get done, you’re frozen, not sure what to do first.  

Throw in, feeling hot and then cold during the day, while you take your sweater off and on.  Soaking the sheets at night, waking to a fuzzy brain and wondering how you’re going to make it through another day.

If these moments sound familiar, you’re not alone. I get it.  It’s harsh and I’ve walked in your shoes too. The heat your body is creating is a beautiful signal that you need to pay attention to.

The heat your body is creating is a beautiful signal

It’s true in some cultures that there isn’t even a word for hot flashes.  I believe it’s because we’ve forgotten how to nurture our female body inside a 28 day cycle.  Let me ask you…

Do you focus on daily tasks? The same ones everyday?  Shop, cook, drive, get stuff done? Or do you tap into your body’s wisdom to decide what to do each day?

Do you ask your body what it needs?  Do you look at where your cycle is each week and decide on your weekly tasks? Do you look at the moon cycle and ask the same questions?

I’m guessing you said no, and that’s okay because guess what? You can start right now and here’s how 

  • Go grab a calendar and jot down your cycle. 

  • No cycle? Jot down the moon cycle.  A quick google search can tell you where the moon is right now.  

  • For the next few months track your cycle and track the moon cycle together.  Notice how you feel, and tap into your body’s signals, its messages will help guide you.

  • Pay close attention to your sleep, hunger, energy, moods and cravings.

Pay attention to your sleep, hunger, energy, moods and cravings

Give yourself permission to go slow some days and harder on other days.  Track your energy after a workout, and notice if you feel energized all day long or depleted.  Jot it down with your cycle and see if you can find any patterns.

You might find that you love working out when you menstruate or you need more rest and recovery.  Watch your food intake, especially carbohydrates and starch. You may need more or less during peak progesterone (ovulation) or low progesterone.  Remember that there are no rules, you are going to let your body be the guide

These are the first, very important steps to helping your body guide you. To help you feel confident and in control and feel like you again. 

Feel confident, in control and feel like you again.

These steps will help you stop the jitters, hot flashes and night sweats.  Go slow. Tune in and trust your body’s wisdom.  It knows how to lead, which is why it’s been talking to you all along.

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Stephanie Huntjens White is a holistic health coach and wellness stylist. She helps women flip their 40+ symptoms into their superpower by helping them feel confident and in control of their changing body, in a beautiful holistic way.

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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