Why a Self-Audit of Your Life is Important

Why a Self-Audit of Your Life is Important

A self-audit starts with the circle of life. The purpose is to establish where you are right now in every area of your life, what you value most, and where you want to be. When you understand and address an area that needs a major change, it means you have identified a desired outcome or goal in that area. 


We often audit work performance or expenses, but how often do we audit our life?


A life audit is carried out by The Wheel of Life exercise. It is a very common and effective technique used by professionals to help get a “helicopter view” of life areas. The Wheel of Life is also an effective tool to change habits. It also helps to overcome problems of stress by addressing the imbalances in a person’s life.


The eight most common main areas of life are:- 


Family and friends – the relationship you have and the quality and quantity of time you spend with members of your family and extended family.


Business and career – Anything related to your career, profession, business, education, and professional vision and purpose.


Health – A broad category that includes eating, fitness, pain and disease, injuries, and mental health; anything related to your body or mentality.


Finances – Anything related to your wealth, financial situation, money matters, and attitudes and beliefs about money.


Romance – The relationships you have or want to have with romantic partners.


Personal development/growth – It is about who you are, your relationship with yourself, where you see yourself in the future, and what you need to get there. It also involves your sense of guilt or fear or purpose.


Fun and recreation – Leisure activities you do to enjoy life.


Physical environment – How you perceive and experience your living, work, and other spaces that you spend time in.


All these life areas are highly interconnected. Problems in one area can spill over and affect others. For example, when having family issues, such as a struggling relationship with a spouse, it could affect one’s work, self-esteem, time, energy and relationships with their friends, with stress and health again going hand-in-hand.




Having this in mind, go over the different areas of your life listed above and determine where you are on a scale of 1 to 10. Your first number represents your current assessment of the time and attention spent on the particular area. The second number indicates the time and attention you ideally want to spend on the same life area in the future.

The difference in the numbers implies the gap that is a gauge of the priority for change in a specific area to ensure that underlying concerns and considerations are addressed and not symptoms.


Amritha is a Forensic Scientist-turned-certified Health and Habits Coach. She helps working professionals who don’t find the time for themselves or who have lost their momentum on things they want to pursue, to break bad habits and build healthy and sustainable ones to consistently achieve their goals.

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