You are Hypnotizing Yourself over 80% of your DAY so Let’s Hypnotize SUCCESS!

You are Hypnotizing Yourself over 80% of your DAY so Let’s Hypnotize SUCCESS!

Discover the POWER of CHANGE that is possible with using hypnosis and other hypnotic techniques to suggest change to your unconscious mind.

I’ve been a Hypnosis Teacher and using this with my clients  for over 5 years, and while some might think it’s woo-woo, I’ve seen some massive changes in attracting clients, being courageous and leaping into change and so many more things including attracting money!

I hope you are curious enough to read to the end.
Why use Hypnosis?

  • It helps you by-pass your logical mind (monkey mind),  that keeps you up thinking negative thoughts and worries about yourself, the past, which allows you to get to the unconscious mind (also known as subconscious mind) and that is where all of your limitations exist along with all the negative emotions that you have stored from the entirety of your life and it’s also the place that I get to lead you to to let them go during our time together!

Let me explain about your unconscious mind:

  • Your unconscious mind is the blueprint for your entire life/reality, where you have programs running NOW sorted in different unconscious filters (values, events, beliefs, emotions) that you wired in as a kid, teenager. Think about the misunderstandings you have with people in your life and differing opinions. Those are differences in wiring.

  • Every person wakes up in the morning and runs their unconscious programs (which means that they are not conscious to it, they have no idea they are doing what they do and that it might even be annoying to you)

  • Your unconscious mind will always do what it’s told to do, which means that if you have programmed it to put everyone first and be an over-giver, you are programmed to come last, to take breaks after you have helped everyone else, and maybe you even find yourself rescuing people and unfortunately this pattern of coming LAST has shut down your RECEIVING channels. Is this you?

  • Or maybe you told it to keep you hidden, behind the scenes (safe out of ‘danger’ because that might have been programmed in when you were under 7 years old)
    and then you take the leap into entrepreneurship and  you may find yourself really challenged to get out there, network, be seen and believe in yourself in this new capacity

    Here’s a super COOL thing- if you programmed it into you, you can take it out and put something more EFFECTIVE in
When you clear your unconscious filters, you can create MASSIVE shifts in your life, and from what I’ve witnessed with my clients, in as little as 4 sessions.

Here’s a few things I’ve seen happen:

  • Worry vanishes
  • HUGE self esteem increases
  • Believing in self and business missions are amplified with FAITH
  • Seeing BIG possibility in your future and that helps you create it!
  • New business income streams appearing like magic because your unconscious  was just wired to receive abundance instead of lack
  • Releasing phobias including a 4 decade phobia around control! Whatever you have stored in your unconscious mind, takes your energy to keep it there, all of the things tucked away, the millions of old memories stored away, and imagine the energy you GAIN when that old fear or anger is gone. A lot!

*YES we are infinite creators and when we clear the filters, it also creates a clearer path to open and receive from your higher self and that wisdom, that is there to help you, is what creates inspired action that creates BIG BIG BIG results
When I personally let go of my old significant past events and trauma, I could go back to the old event and it was neutral. Using these tools have been profound in helping me get over fear of leaving my job, heart break, mission building and most recently losing my mom. My healing has been remarkable.
When you let go of the old, realize that this also makes BIG space in your brain to rewire new thoughts and take new actions (it’s so much easier to go create things when you no longer have that fear in the way).

The Official Definition of Hypnosis:

All Hypnosis is SELF- Hypnosis!

YES you read that right.

You are probably wondering HOW am I  hypnotizing myself on a daily basis? We are in a hypnotic ‘trance-like’ state more than 80% of our day. Think back to a time when you were driving and you realized you were there…yes, you were in trance.
Driving is the time I have the most creative ideas! I’m out of my logical mind’s way.
Here’s how:
  • you take in suggestions (ones you like that support you and ones that hold you back) through what people say to you
  • what you watch on TV
  • what you listen to on the radio (have you ever actually listened to the words in songs)
  • images and feelings you get from video games
  • the news (so much fear is in the news)
  • what you say to yourself and all the ‘self-doubt’ you sit in every day

    If this is new to you and you are like WHAT?? then I want you to decide  you are ready to become VERY aware of what you take in and start feeding your mind with AMAZING THINGS! And please reach out and book a call with me to talk about bringing this tool into your life to create BIG changes quickly.

A few other important things to know:

Hypnosis is documented as being used as early as 2000 B.C. in ancient Egypt and India where people would gather in caves and receive ‘healing’ suggestions. YES this powerful practice is that old.
While I can’t say it will heal you I will say I have seen some healings, truthfully they blew my mind too. Your mind is POWERFUL and there is an expression that your unconscious mind is your body.
Other things about hypnosis:
*You will always hear my voice and are in a relaxed state (my clients LOVE hypnotic tools because you are out of your thinking monkey mind so it’s QUIET)
*You are always in control (if you don’t want to participate you won’t). People who walk around like farm animals at hypnotic stage shows DECIDED with free-will to participate in them, and are typically extroverts and are ready to play FULL OUT! This is probably the biggest misconception that is out there. YOU always have control :)
*You are in control of your results (if you don’t want to change you won’t) and if you are ready for change YOU WILL! If for some reason you want to send your partner to me for their annoying habit, realize they have to want to change.
What is Hypnosis Good for?
Hypnosis is great for self-esteem building, trusting yourself, seeing your inner beauty, inner power, building your connection to your higher self and taking actions in your business and relationships that might make you fearful to think about them right now.
I hope this has been helpful! What’s your biggest learning?
Reach out to me today to book a call and learn more!


Cynthia Roemer is a Feminine Power Coach & Spiritual Mentor
She is trained in unconscious mind tools such as NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy and a Teacher of Magnified Healing and Hypnosis

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