Your 5 Why's

Your 5 Why's


As a personal trainer and nutrition coach for women, clients come to me seeking to make big changes in their lives.  Some of the popular big changes include losing weight, gaining strength, having more energy or learning how to eat better.  


I applaud each and every one of these women.  It’s no small feat to DECIDE that you want to put in the work and make big positive changes. 


To set the stage properly, on day 1, the first exercise I ask her to do is NOT a physical one.  It’s an exercise for the mind.  It’s a simple, yet powerful system to get to the core of why she wants to accomplish a goal (e.g. lose weight, eat better, live a healthier lifestyle…).


I’ll ask her to take some time and thoughtfully write down her 5 Why’s.  Here’s an example:


Client:  “My goal is to lose weight.”


Why do I want to lose weight?

So I can fit better in my clothes.


But why do I want to fit better in my clothes?

Because I’ll look better in smaller size clothes.


But why do I want to look better?

Because when I look better, I’ll feel better about myself.


But why do I want to feel better about myself?

Because when I feel better about myself, I’m more confident.


But why do I want to be more confident?

Because when I’m more confident, I can do whatever I want in life.



Woah!  This client doesn’t simply want to “fit better in her clothes”.  She wants to live her life to the max and “do whatever she wants in life”.  This is a much bigger goal than fitting into a smaller size.  It also completely changes the focus, behaviours and outcome for her.  


Now, the plan to put forward is to ensure her nutrition, fitness, sleep quality, stress management and relationships supports her goal to “do whatever she wants in life” and not just to drop a few pounds.  Complete shift in strategy right?


I’ve been lucky to work with smart, thoughtful women - all of whom have been surprised with the insights after doing their 5 Why's.  These special ladies all underestimated how strong they were even BEFORE they engaged with me.  And after understanding their 5 Why’s, made them even stronger and more determined to succeed.


You can use the 5 Why’s to gain deeper insights into anything you want to do or accomplish.  It can be big or small.  Ask yourself, “Why do I want to go out to that social tonight?”, “Why do I always say yes to everything?”, “Why do I want that cookie?”, “Why do I want that pair of shoes?”.  Have fun with it!




Mimie Louie is a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach, founder of  She specializes in helping women who want to feel more empowered and free in their body. She helps women get lean and strong, and feel more confident. Her programs are designed to work with a busy woman’s schedule and lifestyle.  She is a Trailblazer in our Etobicoke Branch.  Feel free to reach out at

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