Your Face, Your Brand! Leveraging the Power of Personal Brand Photography by Veronica Kucherov

Your Face, Your Brand! Leveraging the Power of Personal Brand Photography by Veronica Kucherov

Portrait of Carole Filion, Mindset Coach and Mentor 

There's a unanimous consensus among experts that a sharp, professional headshot is non-negotiable in today’s digital business world. However, the real questions emerge when we consider taking it a step further – when and why should you invest in your personal brand photography, and what tangible impact does it have? Why bother putting your face out there if you’re not a model or selling your radiant smile?

Let’s explore why your portrait is more powerful than you might think.

The Face Factor: Why your photos speak volumes


Portrait of Dr. Lucille Necas, The Joy of Purpose

Imagine your personal brand as a storybook, and each photo of yourself is a chapter. Even if you're not selling your looks, people connect with faces and personalities. Humanizing your brand makes it relatable and approachable. Your face becomes the visual anchor that helps your audience remember you in the sea of online content.

Still wondering what does your face have to do with what you sell? Think again. When you choose a lawyer, real estate agent or a business coach to work is (and boy, it’s not an easy task!), you expect certain professional qualifications. But how do you pick the one out of many, all other things equal? It’s their personality that makes you want to work with them. Whatever traits you are drawn to in people, they are embedded in their brand, and it all starts with first impressions.

So, whether you're a coach, consultant, or a product-based business owner, your face is your secret weapon to stand out in a crowd. People connect with people, not logos!

Strategic Placement: Where and when to shine

Now that we've established the importance of you showing up, let's talk strategy. It's not just about plastering your face everywhere; it's about knowing where and when to showcase your personal brand photography for maximum impact.

1) Your website: Your website is your virtual storefront, and your photos are the welcoming committee. Your best shot on your homepage creates an instant connection with visitors and it could be a deciding factor in whether they are scheduling that first discovery call with you. I kid you not, this is how I chose my therapist. Don't shy away from including photos across different pages to maintain that personal touch throughout the browsing experience.

2) Social media: Whether you are more present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok, social media is where your personal brand photography can truly shine. Depending on the platform, you might choose to show more fun and quirky side of your personality, or authoritative and educational. Regardless, no one is just one thing. And the beauty of social media is that it gives you an opportunity to showcase different sides of your personality, allowing more people to relate to you and identify with what you do. Use professional and personality-packed photos for your profile pictures and cover images. Intersperse candid shots to give your audience a closer look at the human behind the brand.

3) Email marketing: Inject a dose of personality into your emails by incorporating your photos strategically. A well-placed portrait in your email signature or a candid moment in your newsletter can make your messages more memorable and personable.

4) Events: Whether you’re organizing a virtual summit or an in-person conference, your face should be front and center. Attendees connect more with real people, so use this opportunity to showcase your personality and make lasting impressions.





Humanizing your brand makes it relatable and approachable. Your face becomes the visual anchor that helps your audience remember you in the sea of online content. ~ Veronica Kucherov







 Portrait of Sushma Kashyap, Founder, Upright Bookkeeping


Setting the Stage for Success: How to become photogenic when you think you’re not

Still have hard feelings about putting your face in the spotlight? You are not alone. So many successful business owners put off their photo session as long as they can simply because being in front of the camera feels so uncomfortable. It might all make a lot of sense from the business perspective, and yet, there is nothing more personal than your face. How do you step out of your comfort zone when deep down you believe that you just don’t look good in photos?

Let's talk about the crucial planning stage. It's not just about grabbing your smartphone and snapping a selfie (although those have their time and place). Strategic personal brand photography begins with meticulous planning. To look good, you have to feel good first. And to feel good, you need to trust the process. Here is how to do it right:

• Planning like a pro: Before you start worrying about posing and your facial expressions, take a step back and ask yourself: What story do you want your photos to tell? Are you the friendly next-door expert or the sophisticated industry maven? Align your photo strategy with your brand message. It's the difference between a scattered photo collection and a cohesive visual narrative.

• Know your audience: Your ideal client is at the heart of your personal brand. It’s not just about you – it’s about what you can do for them. Thank about speaking to them at their eye-level. If your audience is stay at home homemakers, go for casual, relaxed shots that exude approachability. If they are high-level corporate executives, opt for images exuding strength, power, and authority.

• Outfit selection: Your wardrobe can make it or break it. Choose outfits that not only align with your brand but also look fantastic on camera. Solid colors often work best, avoiding busy patterns that might distract from your message. Don't forget about accessories – they can add that extra pop of personality without stealing the show.

• Getting camera-ready: Talking about “feel good first”, it’s hard to show up with confidence if you’re concerned about your hair being out of place or makeup done right. A professional touch with a skilled hair and makeup artist ensures you look your absolute best, boosting your confidence and translating into stunning visuals. Think about these photos as an investment in your brand and in yourself. If it’s worth it to pamper yourself for someone else’s wedding – it's okay to pamper yourself for your business success!






To look good, you have to feel good first. And to feel good, you need to trust the process. ~ Veronica Kucherov







Portrait of Carole Filion, Mindset Coach and Mentor 

DIY vs. Pro: Imperfect action beats perfect inaction.

Professional photography is not cheap, and you know that you get what you pay for. As a professional photographer, my suggestion is either to do it right and consider it an investment, or DIY it yourself. Yes, I just said it. I heard too many horror stories about people deciding they are never doing a professional photo shoot again, because their 5-minute headshot didn’t turn out everything they wanted it to be. If you prefer to invest time, there are a lot of resources online that can help you understand the basic principles of photography, such as lighting, posing, and composition. If you are just starting out and have limited funds, with the right planning and a good eye, you can get you “good enough” images until you can afford the magic that a professional photographer brings to the table.

When to DIY: If you're confident in your photography skills, have a solid understanding of your brand and your marketing plan, and don’t shy away form a camera, DIY-ing your personal brand photos can be a budget-friendly option. Invest in good equipment, pay attention to lighting, and, most importantly, be patient with yourself. Research the examples and practice posing and facial expressions in front of the mirror. The DIY approach saves you money as long as you are realistic about the time that you will have to invest in exchange.

When to choose a pro: Hiring a professional photographer can elevate your photos to a whole new level, and ultimately saves you time – and yes, money too. Apart from the obvious – such as technical expertise and an artistic eye – a seasoned photographer can help you with your styling and planning. From location research, arranging a hair and makeup artist, and mapping out your shot list in line with your marketing strategy, the main benefit is in taking the stress out of your photo shoot, and freeing you up to focus on being your authentic self.

In conclusion, whether you choose the DIY route or opt for a pro, the key is to approach personal brand photography with intention and to be kind to yourself in the process. Your face is your brand's greatest asset, and your story is what makes you unique. To bring that story to your audience, the only step you need to take is the one outside of your comfort zone. I know it takes courage. You got it! Cheers to showcasing the amazing face behind your brand!

Portrait of Sushma Kashyap, Founder, Upright Bookkeeping



Veronica is the owner of Vongue Art Photography - a full-service portrait studio in Toronto helping camera-shy people over 40 look and feel their best in their photos. Veronica's mission is to photograph you the way you want to be seen. Whether it is to level up your business marketing, or to preserve your personal history in custom heirloom albums and wall art, you deserve to have portraits that make you feel beautiful and proud. 

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