Consistency is the Key to Achievement

Consistency is the Key to Achievement

I’ll admit – I’m often skeptical of those on the internet who claim to make six- or seven-figures overnight so you would sign up for their course. However, I do believe that they worked hard for many years and made many mistakes before achieving their six-figure goals.


If there’s anything I know it’s that consistency is your best bet for success.


Being consistent means dedicating yourself to something – whether it’s a short-term task or long-term goal.


We’ve all heard that it takes years to be an overnight success. I have discovered this to be true for the majority of scenarios.


“Little strokes fell great oaks” – Benjamin Franklin


You can achieve great things by doing a little bit and being consistant.


As marketers, we know that consistency is the key to achieving our marketing goals. The first thing they teach us in marketing class is that you can’t send an email or do a direct mailing just once and expect immediate results.


Consistency gives you time to learn


You’ve got to give yourself time to get better.


Time gives you a chance to look back and see how you can improve. In online advertising, we wait until we have at least 15 days – ideally 30 days – of data before we know which ads are working best. Yes – if it’s done right by professionals, it should take a while.


Consistency allows you to grow


It takes time to learn from your mistakes. It takes time to realize how to optimize your business or career. It takes time to hone your message or personal brand. It takes time to learn about yourself.


These are all aspects of growth and improvement. You can get better with time.


As business owners, you know that your team will grow in time.


As marketers, we know that a consistent social media strategy will be rewarded with likes, followers, and a recognizable brand – it’s that simple.


Consistency allows you to gain trust


It takes time to earn the trust of your colleagues or customers. People know you’re there and they can trust you’ll be there.


It allows you to build a relationship with your target audience the same way you build a relationship with a friend.


In marketing, we know that we need to be consistent to stay on top of mind with our potential customers. Email regularly, communicate regularly – just like we would if we were keeping up with a friendship. Remind people that you are still there.


Keep at it!


In your business, as in life, consistency yields rewards. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or grow your business, you need keep your eye on the prize. Stay focused. Keep working hard at it. I’ve seen time and time again how others have succeeded because they kept the course until they reach the very end.


But also remember: we’re each on our own path. Don’t compare yourself to others – they might be farther down the line than you are. They might have had some lucky breaks. Stay true to yourself and you will create a life and business that you love.


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Cindy, our North York, ON Branch Director, is a multipreneur and marketing professional who helps small businesses with acquisition and retention through inbound marketing. She has spent the last five years living and working abroad because she wanted to understand the other side of the world. In her spare time, she enjoys learning new skills and reading. She also does a bit of yoga from time to time :)


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