Do you focus all your time and effort on pushing your body, doing all the things?

Do you focus all your time and effort on pushing your body, doing all the things?

Do you think Taylor Swift shows up happy and energized at her concerts, because she books her own travel, cooks and shops for all her own food on the road, arranges the crew backstage and drives herself to her own concerts?

Or do you think Serena Williams shows up unsure what to do during a tennis match? Does she walk around confused, asking other players what she should be doing and second guessing herself? 

So why do you do the same thing to your body?

Why do you focus 100% of your effort on doing all the things, letting others tell you what to do,  pushing your body and adding in coffee and sugar to keep up?  

And if you continue to push your body with all the “should dos,’ which is probably what you’ve been doing all along, you could continue to stay stuck in the 40+ woman’s vortex. 

So what do other successful energized women do?

Well, they focus on the single most important step to get them to where they want to be. 

Taylor would focus on song-writing and practice, and she wouldn’t let outside influences control her.  Serena too would practice and visualize her upcoming match and would know exactly what was her number one goal when she hits the tennis court.  Both of them would let go of the 100s of other tasks that need to get done. 

So let me ask you…

Do you want to continue focusing all your time and effort on pushing your body and doing “all the things” you think you should be doing? Or are you ready to focus on your ONE single step, and support your body, like the top successful energized women do?

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Stephanie Huntjens White is a holistic health coach and wellness stylist. She helps women flip their 40+ symptoms into their superpower by helping them feel confident and in control of their changing body, in a beautiful holistic way.

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