Emotional Intelligenge is The Key to a Fulfilling Life

Emotional Intelligenge is The Key to a Fulfilling Life

It took me most of my life to understand this and it is one of the most powerful lessons I have learnt!

If you are anything like I was you live mostly in your head. 

  • Your chatter keeps you company throughout the day even if you don’t realize it
  • You take logical decisions because that makes sense
  • You suppress your emotions and avoid feeling them at all cost



We were never taught to deal with our emotions.  As a child, if you felt pain, rejection, abandonment, anger, shame, guilt and you didn’t have anyone to share this with or know how to process these big emotions you’ve created a story within you that your needs, feelings, wants are not important. Think about how this is affecting your life today.  

We tend to avoid and suppress because we live in survival mode.  There is always something to be done, someone to take care of, work to do, a business to run that you don’t have time to deal with the raw emotions that lay within you.

But when you don’t take the time to do it, these emotions get stuck and block your energy flow and will come out in different ways.

  • Lower immunity causing you to get sick easily
  • Recurring ailments like headaches, digestive issues and physical pain
  • Dissatisfaction in everything you do
  • Affects your personal and professional relationships

Can you relate?

Processing and feeling the difficult emotions is the only way to release the hold they have on your life. You have the right to feel the way you do.  You also have the choice to release them and live free. How do you do that?
You need to give yourself the space to connect with your inner self, your intuition and your body.  

And this will look a little different for everyone but create white space in your scheduleDon’t overbook your days.  Take some time to breathe and be in your body.  You can meditate, get out for a walk in nature, listen to relaxing music, do something for you to help you relax so that you can have the capacity to go within. 

When I started feeling the difficult emotions, that is exactly what I did.  Although it was hard at first, this has been the most freeing thing I have ever done for myself. 

I have learnt to trust myself
I have learnt to detach from the outcome
I have learnt to understand my body
I have learnt to open my heart to new opportunities

It’s in the difficult emotions that I found self-acceptance and self-love.  It’s in these emotions that I up levelled my life.  It’s in these emotions that I found myself.

Start being the observer of your emotions.  Notice:
~ How you feel on a day to day basis.  Are you happy, sad, angry, excited, etc.?  ~ Put a name to the emotion.  Acknowledge it.
~ How are you reacting to others when you are feeling stressed, or anxious?
~ Do you have any reoccurring ailments?  If so, when do you feel them the most?  What’s the intensity of them?

Start growing your awareness so that you can make some changes in your life.  If you are not in a place to process any of your emotions, write them down and come back when you can.  Creating the space you need is how you will be able to release and come back to your natural state of being which is calm, peaceful and connected to yourself.

This is the key to stop resisting life and to start flowing with it.  Your emotions are your guidance system.  If you are not feeling optimal in your life, it’s time to look within and process the emotions that are blocking your energy flow.

You got this beautiful!

Much love,
Rachel xo

Rachel Benton is a Licensed Life & Embodiment Coach and a ThetaHealing Energy Practitioner.  She helps women step into the essence of who they are so they can build a business in complete alignment with their truth, intuition & integrity and guides them to create a soulful life that FUELS and IGNITES them!

Rachel is also the branch director for Happy Healthy Women - Cambridge

Connect with her today:
Website: https://rachelbentoncoaching.com/
Instagram: @wildroserising

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