Fill Up Your Cup - Editorial

Fill Up Your Cup - Editorial

by Leigh Ann Betts


All you need is love

Remember that famous Beatles song, "All you need is love?" It's really true isn't it? Yet we often forget how vital it is to our well being in the hectic world we live in. So why not take a moment now to receive and spread some love? Let's fill up your cup to the brim with its nourishing goodness!

Fill up your cup

Ask yourself these questions: 
- What's filling up your cup lately? 
- Where does your energy want to go? 
- What have you been dreaming about doing in your life? 


Contemplate your answers and choose an activity that lights you up right now and then make it happen! Here's how:
- Commit to a date to do that specific activity 
- Hold yourself accountable  (put it in your calendar etc.)
- Gather the support of a friend by telling them what you are up to


And set yourself up for success by carrying out your passion activity first thing in your day. Then enjoy how the rest of your day effortlessly unfolds when you put yourself first! Schedule in your passion activity weekly and see how your mood and energy begins to soar!​


Lift up your love life

Often when you have many demands on your time, your relationship suffers. Here are a few playful invitations to boost your love life.


Switch sides of the bed

This exercise is a great temperature check of the state of your relationship. Is it flexible and open to change? It keeps things fresh AND it gives you a different perspective of your relationship. Change it up every 6 months. Be open to it. Don't knock it until you try it!


Create space in your bedroom for your lover

Are you pushing your partner out of the bedroom because you have too much of your stuff in it? If you are taking up more than 50% of the closet or 50% of the drawer space, you are literally and physically pushing your relationship out the bedroom door. The energy is out of balance. So pare it down, declutter and get rid of your extra stuff; those shoes, purses, clothes and items you are not using and begin to create some space for your love relationship.


Write love notes 

Pop a love note into your partner's lunch bag, place it on their pillow or tuck it into a book they are reading. And you never know; maybe your lover will reciprocate and you will get a love note back! Either way, do it without expectation. Do it to express your love. And I tell you, this alone will make a huge difference.


Invest in new undergarments 

Ditch the old bra and undies. Get rid of them. If you want to have more romantic energy in your love relationship, go out and splurge on beautiful matching undergarments. Not only will you feel beautiful every day when you put them on, your partner will appreciate it too. As they say, "out with the old and in with the new!"


Early to bed

Gently take your partner’s hand and lead them into your love nest an hour early. Maybe you want to have amazing conversations for that hour. Maybe you’re going to make love for that hour. Or, maybe you'll snuggle together and get more rest!


And hey, if you are single, you can do all of the above relationship boosts for you! 

Infuse your life with some L.O.V.E. Soul Sista! Fill yourself to the brim!


Leigh Ann makes her home with her family in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where they enjoy a life of balance, simplicity and adventure. Best known as an Intuitive Change-maker and Abundance Coach, Leigh Ann helps women declutter their life on a physical, mental and spiritual level so they can live a life they love! She is the creator of the popular online program, the Declutter Your Life 30 Day Challenge.

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