Joy-FULL Living by Christie Hubble

Joy-FULL Living by Christie Hubble

We get to make the decision of how we are going to face our life, is it going to be through well-being or suffering. The choice between light or heavy. What we choose to carry out in the world and spread around. Choose joy. There are simple ways to connect to joy and even in the darkest of times there is a sliver of joy somewhere.


How to live a joy FULL life: 

  1. Practice presence. Connect with your breath, you are alive.
  2. Awareness of your surroundings. What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you smell?
  3. Take time to be still and ask your heart to connect to the joy you have within.
  4. Acknowledge the preciousness that each day brings.


There are times of difficulty in life but choosing what we put our focus on can change our perspective and outlook. Be still, do the work. These were words spoken to me a long time ago from a spiritual healer and they impacted my life profoundly. We can get so caught up in living our life and it unfolds in ways that we did not intend related to the needs of our family or whatever rents space in our head. We can forget to be still and tap into the joy we have in our heart space. Remember that the sun rising is a gift and the day offers you tremendous opportunity.


Christie enjoyed a long career in nursing and is now pursuing her passion in self development. Wellness Haven and Health offers Life Skills Coaching, Happiness Coaching, and Neurodynamic Breathwork. Encouraging self empowerment for all clients with a focus on the seven principles of wellness.

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