Raise Your Vibration With Feng Shui

Raise Your Vibration With Feng Shui

You are ALWAYS interacting with your environment whether you know it, or not. And even small changes to how things look and are placed around you can have a massive impact. 


What's going on in your home, is going on in your life.


If this causes you to cringe, not to worry. Let's look at a few simple Feng Shui secrets that every Soul Sista needs to know to raise the vibe in your home and in your life so you can avoid these bad Feng Shui cuprits for good!


Dirty windows? Hey Soul Sista, that's bad Feng Shui!


They say that your eyes are the window to your soul. So it makes sense that the windows of your home are the eyes to the soul of your home.


If you want a clear view of your life, create a clear view through your windows...and while you're at it, open up the windows to let the fresh energy flow in! 


This puts a whole new perspective on cleaning your windows doesn't it? If you've got dirty windows, clean them and create a clear view so you know where you are heading.


Burnt out light bulbs? Hey Soul Sista, that's bad Feng Shui! 


Sometimes having burnt out light bulbs sneaks up on you and before you know it, you find them everywhere! Raise the energy in your home right away by replacing them. And to save you precious time in the future, replace them with energy saving LED lights and you may never have to change them again in this lifetime - talk about "energy savings"!


If you've got a burnt out light bulb, change it and let more light into your life today.


Potpourri or dead plants in your home? Hey Soul Sista, that's bad Feng Shui! 


Take stock of your plants inside and outside your home. Are any sick, dying or dead? If so, give the ones that have a half a chance some TLC, otherwise, remove the dead plants or flowers from your home. This includes potpourri; not only is it dead chi, its also a huge dust collector. With fall around the corner, be sure to rake off all the dead leaves in the yard as well.


By removing this dead chi or energy, you will avoid being dragged down by it. Instead, replace these plants with healthy and vibrant alternatives and watch your energy soar!


Lacklustre front entrance to your home? Hey Soul Sista, that's bad Feng Shui!


Your front door represents the mouth of your home and is where energy enters and exits your house. Freshen it up with a good wipe down. It's also a reflection of you and who you are to the world to the visitors who approach your home. What do you want your front entrance to say about you? 


Make your front door area welcoming and visually appealing. Add lights, a wind chime, potted plants, statues, a beautiful mat; anything that says "you are welcome here" and let the energy pour in!


Hey Soul Sista, that's GOOD Feng Shui!



Leigh Ann makes her home with her family in the Canadian Rocky Mountains where they enjoy a life of balance, simplicity and adventure. Best known as a Certified Feng Shui Practitioner & Abundance Coach, Leigh Ann helps women declutter their life on a physical, mental and spiritual level so they can live a life they love!

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