Slowing Down to Speed Up by Kayleigh Kennedy

Slowing Down to Speed Up by Kayleigh Kennedy

As entrepreneurs we often feel like we must be doing all the things, and always be 'on'. Which often can lead to burnout... 

The importance of slowing down has been the biggest lesson I have learned over my past few years of entrepreneurship. It was also the main topic of my mastermind last week. 

The truth is if we are always running, rushing, and filling our time with tasks, we will burn out. Especially if we are filling our calendars with tasks that don't energize us. We have to make space in our days to slow down. 

My best ideas come from the slower moments. My energy comes from the slower moments. I attract more when I slow down! 

Learning to prioritize the slower moments is one of the things I would attribute my success to. In fact, last year I earned far more money and worked far less than previously years. I took more time to be intentional, to slow down, to spend more time with my kids and continued to take inspired action. I moved away from the hustle and the grind and found more joy in my days and in my work. 

This is what is meant by working smarter and not harder. And it works! Listening to what you need, knowing that there are seasons, and learning how you need to work through each of your seasons - that is what is going to help you the most!

My old paradigm told me that it was all hard work that would move me towards my goal - but that is just not true. Hard work is not the answer.  

So, schedule more time for slowing down. Make sure you do something every day to fill your own cup. You will be surprised at how much more you can accomplish!


Kayleigh is the powerhouse behind Limitless Coaching. As a mindset coach, she's dedicated to helping entrepreneurs break free from their own limitations and unlock their full potential. No matter where you are in your entrepreneurial journey, Kayleigh provides the guidance and support you need to thrive both personally and professionally. Say goodbye to self-doubt and hello to limitless possibilities.
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