Time Management for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by Natalie Colalillo

Time Management for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs by Natalie Colalillo

Feeling a little scattered? Not sure when to do what? Not sure how to achieve optimal time management for your business?

There's A LOT to be said about how we spend our time and the shape of our lives. They are one...and yet sometimes we take the hours, minutes and seconds we have for granted. 

One of the things I focus on all the time with my team and community - Master your minutes and own your time.

One of the first questions we tackle: Who's owning your time? If you're struggling with focus and unable to grow in the areas you're intending to...chances are you're allowing other things/people to own your time.

We have 1440 minutes given to us in each day. How do you spend yours? Here are 5 ways to keep the focus and achieve optimal time management in your business.

1. Set up your day the night before - lists lists and more lists.

2. Time block a digital calendar with reminders - and tell yourself: if it's in the plan, it's happening!

3. Eliminate distractions and time wasters. You'd be surprised how much a casual conversation here and a scroll through social there can add up to hundreds of minutes lost every week.

4. Regenerate and keep your energy up. Get outside, move your body, feel good, eat well, turn on your favourite tunes. High vibes will help you be way more productive!

5. Constantly remind yourself of your ultimate goals. What are you working towards that makes that consistency so worth it? Reminding yourself of the goals will keep your heart feeling happy as you move closer to them.

The more we take full ownership of our time, the more empowered we feel and the better everything becomes around us.

Being able to ROCK time management for business owners and entrepreneurs is essential for productivity, self care and growth!

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Natalie Colalillo

Founder & CEO Happy Healthy Women

Wellness & Business Mentor

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