6 Steps to Dissipate Discouragement

6 Steps to Dissipate Discouragement

Do you ever feel discouraged?

I do. And when I feel discouraged, I feel it as a heavy, sticky, dark feeling in the pit of my stomach that weighs my heart down and closes me off from empowerment. In fact, discouragement is the opposite of empowerment. The word discourage comes from the French origin “des”, meaning “to take away”.  So in discourage, courage is being taken away. In addition, I also think empowerment, enthusiasm, confidence, and joy are all being taken away when we experience discouragement.

It takes courage to be empowered. It takes courage to be confident. It takes courage to be enthusiastic and joyful. It takes courage to show up in the world authentically, day after day. When we feel discouraged, all these things are taken away too.

But underneath the discouragement, courage and confidence and purpose are still there. And it’s a matter of remembering that and then deciding to choose empowerment over disempowerment, joy over victimhood, enthusiasm over apathy, confidence over fear, and courage over discouragement.

I’d like to share my ‘Discouragement Dissipation Process’; a process I developed for my Accelerate Your Inner Wisdom coaching program. I encourage you to use this process next time you feel discouraged.

Step 1

When you feel discouraged, sit with the feeling and the energy of discouragement. How does it feel? Where do you feel it in your body? What other emotions are associated with it? (i.e., do you also feel anger, frustration, jealousy, or sadness?).

Don’t judge what you’re feeling. Just sit with it and let the feelings be. You may find it helpful to put your hand to where you feel it in your body. 

Don’t push it away or resist it.

Imagine having an open heart as you feel what you feel.

As you’re doing this, use your intellectual mind to know two things:

1) Sitting with discouragement is challenging and will feel hard.

2) The feeling will dissipate and release.

Step 2

After a few minutes when the feeling dissipates (and it will) and you’re feeling lighter, take out your journal and reflect on the following questions:

  • Why did I feel discouraged?
  • What triggered the feeling?
  • What role did I play in getting triggered?

Step 3

Reframe and redefine the discouragement.

Discouragement comes from the thought or story that something “is not working”. This is a victim mindset and our brain likes to point us to all the evidence that supports this (incorrect) thought.

Take yourself from a victim mindset and towards a more empowered energy by journaling on the following questions:

  • What is “not working” for me? Write (dump) it all out and be specific.
  • What would it look like if things were working? Again, be specific.
  • Is it really true that things aren’t working? (Remember, there are always ways in which things are working for you, just maybe not in the way you want them or expect them to. Open your heart, listen to your inner wisdom, and write out all the ways in which things are working.)

Step 4

Review your “how things are working for me” list from Step 3. What do you see? What patterns are emerging? This is valuable information as to where you need to be spending more time, more energy, and more resources to create more opportunities for the things that are working. 

Step 5

Brainstorm ways to do more of the things that work for you. Create action steps that will move you in the direction of empowerment, courage, joy, and purpose.

Step 6

Keep track of how the Universe opens up and responds to your new definition of what’s working, your reframed thoughts, and your inspired action steps.


I love seeing my clients move from discouragement to courage, confidence, and fulfillment. When women know what is most important to them and they feel empowered to go after what they desire, they can create so much positive change.

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