Embrace Your Inner Detective by Kelly-Anne Appleton

Embrace Your Inner Detective by Kelly-Anne Appleton

Have you ever stopped to think about the ideas and beliefs that guide your life? We all carry a treasure trove of thoughts, viewpoints and beliefs that make us who we are. Most of them have been there before our eighth birthday.  But guess what? Some of these beliefs are not serving you, they are actually keeping you stuck and preventing you from creating a life you love. 

Let’s dive into the world of programmed beliefs or paradigms – those habitual thoughts, housed in our subconscious mind, that shape our lives without us even realizing it. Let's explore how questioning these beliefs can be your passport to creating a life you love!

Programmed beliefs or paradigms are like the computer software of your mind – they dictate your thoughts, feelings, actions and results, often without your conscious approval. Some of these beliefs are moving you forward, while others are keeping you stuck. Because these beliefs have been a part of you since a very early age you think that they are set in stone but they're more like clay that you can mold and reshape. Many of the beliefs you hold are not even rooted in truth. They are things you have come to believe about yourself and the world, but they were actually put there by someone else. Your parents, your teachers, your culture, your religion, society, traumas or experiences you have had as a child have all shaped the beliefs you now hold.

These programmed beliefs that are housed in your subconscious mind, have incredible power in your life. They determine and affect every aspects of your life, creating a ripple effect:

  • Thoughts & Decisions:  They're like the guiding stars on your journey, influencing your choices and shaping your thoughts.
  • Self Image:  Ever wondered why you strut around like a peacock or keep your feathers hidden? That’s programmed beliefs at play, influencing your self-image and confidence.
  • Relationships:  From friendships to romances, these beliefs influence how you interact with others and build relationships.
  • Your Desires:  Your dreams and ambitions have a silent partner – programmed beliefs that dictate whether you chase your passions or settle for less.
  • Quality of Life:  Happiness, joy, and fulfillment – your beliefs about what brings you sunshine can steer your life's direction.



The great news is we can reprogram subconscious beliefs!  We can choose new beliefs, those that support us in creating the life we desire. We can transform our lives through rewriting our beliefs and making them a part of our subconscious program. Here are the steps to begin that transformation:


  1. Awareness:  Start by being a detective of your own thoughts. Notice the "aha" moments when you catch a belief in action.
  1. Get Curious:  Channel your inner explorer. Ask questions like, "Is this belief helping me fly or holding me back?"
  1. Truth or Lie?:  Challenge those beliefs! Grab a magnifying glass and search for evidence. Are they true or just someone else’s opinion?
  1. Choose New Beliefs:  Rewrite your definition of success and happiness. Choose beliefs that will help you achieve your desires!
  1. Try Them On:  Experiment with fresh beliefs and perspectives, and see how they make you feel.
  1. Celebrate!: You are choosing to do the hard work, the work of growth and curiosity. Celebrate yourself for that!

Embrace this journey of curiosity and transformation. Be gentle and compassionate with yourself as you may encounter some challenging thoughts and beliefs along the way. Continue asking yourself questions. Those questions will lead you to the new beliefs you need, to create what you desire. Remember, everything you need is inside you. As you peel back the layers of old ideas and beliefs, and begin to reprogram your subconscious mind, you're making room for all the potential and possibilities that live inside you!


Kelly-Anne Appleton is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach who helps women 40+ stop settling and create a life they love! Through 1:1 and group coaching Kelly-Anne helps women reprogram the beliefs that are keeping them stuck, rewrite their self image and amplify their results. She shares meaningful insights and tips to help you live a life you love on Instagram and Facebook

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