It’s Not a Midlife Crisis! Embracing the Queen Archetype by Kelly-Anne Appleton

It’s Not a Midlife Crisis! Embracing the Queen Archetype by Kelly-Anne Appleton

In the tapestry of femininity, there exist four archetypes that reflect the diverse phases of a woman's life. These archetypes—Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone—guide us through different stages of our lives, each offering its own unique wisdom and lessons. 

Many of us, in our 40’s-60’s, find ourselves in what society calls a Midlife Crisis! Chaos and a feeling of unbearableness may be our constant companions. Understanding that you may simply be embodying the Queen archetype at this stage of your life may go a long way in a deeper understanding of yourself. When I learned this I breathed a sigh of relief. I wasn’t going crazy after all!

Let’s dive in to understand these archetypes a little more.


The Maiden archetype, which we often see as a young girl into her early 20’s, embodies autonomy and a magnetic charm. She belongs solely to herself, free from the need to answer to anyone. With an open heart and positivity, the Maiden attracts new opportunities into her life. She is willing to take leaps of faith, sitting in the receiving mode, accepting all that life offers.

The Mother archetype is the grand nurturer. She does not have to have her own biological children to be in that mothering phase of her life. She brings a mothering energy to the world, offering care and compassion to all people in her life. She gives life to children, new ideas, projects and relationships. The Mother embodies self-sacrifice, focusing on meaningful purpose in her family and community. She sits in offering, giving of herself to others and the world.

This time of our lives when we are embodying the Mother archetype can feel like we have so many commitments to others that we feel we lose ourselves. For some they move from this archetype after their children leave the nest, but many remain here for the rest of their lives.

The Queen archetype is highly sensitive and intuitive, feeling the need for solitude to explore her inner world. She may experience irritability and question the constructs of her life and beliefs. She feels unhappy and unfulfilled with some areas of her life and longs for something more. In this phase she may begin to question everything: her relationships, her career, her beliefs, her purpose. The Queen's focus shifts to her spiritual path and soul's journey, tearing down societal myths. She begins to seek out her own inner power and challenges the status quo. She longs for a return to her authentic self, sitting in the space of awakening. It’s not a crisis but rather an awakening!


The Crone archetype is an observer, open to messages from her soul. She embodies deep wisdom and no longer feels the need to achieve, granting her a sense of freedom. Her intuition and introspection lead her to a profound awareness of her own being-ness. The Crone sits in the realm of knowingness.

These four feminine archetypes—Maiden, Mother, Queen, and Crone—guide us through the various stages of womanhood, offering insights and strengths unique to each phase. Embracing the gifts and challenges of where you find yourself on the journey, will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself. 

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