The Power of Decision Making

The Power of Decision Making

Making decisions is one of the most empowering things we can do for ourselves. In fact, feeling truly satisfied with our life starts with making intentional decisions. 

When we operate on autopilot we are living based on decisions that we have made in the past. From simple things such as the way we like our coffee, to more complex things like who we spend our time with–once we repeat these things several times, they start to become “our usual”. 

This is really great when it comes to healthy habit formation because removing the decision making actually keeps us on track. We decide once and then begin to repeat the same thing intentionally each day until the action becomes automatic.


What we need to be cognisant of is the fact that living based on decisions we made in the past might not be conducive to the life we want to live now.

The things we started out doing on purpose can become unintentional over time and then we start to see unintentional results in our lives. 

When you think about changing something in your life (which involves making a decision), what comes up for you?

Do you have thoughts like:

  • I have to do this
  • This is just the way it is
  • This is what I’m used to
  • I’ve made that decision already, there's no turning back now
  • This won’t make a difference, so why bother?
  • I don’t want to let them down

Take a moment to consider if these thoughts are true. They may feel true. Especially if they have become ingrained in your belief system by thinking them repeatedly for several months or years.

When we are young, our parents, teachers and other trusted adults make most of our decisions for us. In this way we are conditioned by the people around us and by society. We take on values and ideologies and start living from a place of “shoulds”. The result is that we begin to perceive our options as  limited, almost like living in a bubble.

Everything starts being filtered through our worldview and if we don’t take a moment to stop and see the bigger picture, then we miss the opportunity to see a world of limitless possibilities.


Taking a step back gives us the space to think consciously about our lives and our decisions, so that we can start living with intention. 

Are you open to taking your power back?

To start making decisions with thought and deliberation?

If the answers is yes, here are some power thoughts to get you started:


  • I have a choice
  • It’s okay to make changes in my life
  • I get to choose what I believe
  • Making decisions for myself is not selfish
  • When I make decisions that are right for me, the other people in my life benefit

I challenge you to do a life audit. To look at each area of life and ask yourself, “would I choose this again”.

You may be surprised at how satisfied you are with your life just the way it is.


Whitney Coupland is a Certified Health and Life Coach. In her coaching practice, Whitney works with those who want to improve their health while still enjoying their life. You can connect with Whitney by visiting her website, booking a free consultation or finding her on Instagram @WhitneyCoupland_


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