The Social Construct of "Hustle" and Feeling Whole by Natalie Colalillo

The Social Construct of

Picture this: In high school (think 90s hair), they would play the William Tell Overture over the PA system before first period, which meant a thousand teenagers running through the halls to get to class and pure chaos for 2 minutes and 5 seconds EVERY. MORNING.

Why am I telling you this? Because when I think about how my mornings have been (up until a few weeks ago), that's the energy I was feeling. Anyone else?

3 weeks ago, I made a decision to say goodbye to the morning hustle, and hello to morning bliss. I realized that it was a social construct I was buying into, and feeling like I would fall behind if I didn't do all the dos for my business right away in my day.

I made a decision to take WAY MORE TIME (like, until NOON!) to put me and my wellness first in the morning, VS HUSTLING to get to where I need to be and do what I need to do.

Now, my mornings aren't for hustling. They're for me. For meditation, for fitness, for self care, for chiropractic adjustments, for massage (thank you HHW health benefits!), for feeling into my vision board...and whatever else I want to do with MY time.

I have stopped listening to social constructs and have started listening to my body, and it feels empowering, It feels like freedom, and most importantly, I feel whole....and isn't that what we all want?

Now, I fully realize that this particular scenario isn't possible for everyone as we all have different obligations - BUT - I do know that we could all start to look within and see where we've been doing things according to what we think we should do V.S. a way that FEELS way better and is totally possible.

Our Manifest Magic Retreats are a reflection of this "wholeness". We tune out so that we can tune in. We slow down and pay attention to all the parts of us AS WELL AS our businesses.

If you feel the need to start shifting into the feeling place of what taking care of YOU feels like, and experience the clarity and high-vibe energy that comes along with it while you map out your goals and business - this is the retreat for you.

Will you join us? It's THE PERFECT time to show yourself some love.



As the founder and CEO of Happy Healthy Women, Natalie thrives on building community, and leading women to be happier, healthier and abundantly successful.

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