Do You Have the Support to Be Your Authentic, Vulnerable Self? By Alison Stuckey

Do You Have the Support to Be Your Authentic, Vulnerable Self? By Alison Stuckey


As more and more women awaken and embrace their spiritual selves, there are many blocks. These can be self inflicted or societal expectation of what is “acceptable” and “normal”. Our human experience tells us that moving into a more spirit connected being might not be accepted by many. This essential part of our being has been long ignored in our modern lives. 

When you start to embrace or fully acknowledge the spiritual side of you, it is imperative to have a fully accepting support network. As we move into our more authentic and vulnerable selves, having a few trusted sounding board associates or friends is vital. We cannot expand into a different consciousness without this support.  

The world at large is still getting used to the idea of a spiritual awakening. For the most part it is women who are experiencing it. Once awakened to spirit, the growth and expansion is rapid and full of unknown and perhaps frightening experiences. A supportive knowledgeable and trusted network while you have unusual new experiences can make all the difference.


Finding a support network that fully embraces you, allowing you to be seen as your raw, authentic and vulnerable self allows us to expand more rapidly and without hindrances. As your spiritual experience integrates into your conscience, it is a much more fulfilling and pleasant journey with empowering and supportive people around you. 

The vocalization of all that is happening to and for you is an integral part of the journey. A welcoming and experienced group holding space for you during your expansion and hearing your vulnerable and authentic self speak your truth allows you to fully embody your spirit and live your truth. 

Find your people. And if you have questions, I am always happy to listen. 



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Alison Stuckey is an Energy and Spiritual Coach and Intuitive Healer and the Founder of Live Love and Joy.

Her many years of spiritual growth experiences, energy healing and intuitive knowledge offer a unique perspective to her clients. She is always curious and a life long learner. She embodies the work she does and strives to live each day with love and seeking joy in her life. As a student of energetic healing, she enters each day with the intention of living a high vibration and spreading that to those around her.

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