A Reminder to Smile: Elevating Self-Care for Businesswomen by Nasreen Toorabally

A Reminder to Smile: Elevating Self-Care for Businesswomen by Nasreen Toorabally

A Reminder to Smile: Elevating Self-Care for Businesswomen

Warm greetings to the dynamic entrepreneurs of "Happy Healthy Women in Business"! Today, let's reacquaint ourselves with the profound yet simple act of prioritizing our well-being, all while wearing a smile. This gentle nudge serves as a reminder of how self-care is not just beneficial but essential for our success in both business and life.

The Smile Philosophy in Business:

As a Reiki Master, my mantra "Me First with a Smile" isn't about self-preference; it's a testament to how our own health and happiness serve as the bedrock for thriving businesses. At our peak, we become powerhouses of creativity, strategy, and resilience.

Journeying Through Smiles:

Join me on a personal reflection. From Reiki skeptic to advocate, I've discovered the incredible power of inner energy alignment. Sharing a smile ignites a positive feedback loop: my joy becomes my family’s joy, and together, our happiness amplifies. When I teach Reiki[https://www.japan-reiki.ca/courses/] on weekends, this joy reassures me, completing a cycle that nurtures professional growth and profound personal satisfaction.

The Role of SMILE in Our Self-Care Journey:

In our self-care odyssey, let SMILE be our guide: Self-care, Mindfulness, Intuition, Love, and Elevation. Each element a pillar supporting our holistic well-being and business acumen.

Wellness Reiki Circle: A Space of Collective Healing:

Join us at the Wellness Reiki Circle, a sanctuary beyond mere relaxation. It's where collective energy meets individual intent, creating a tapestry of rejuvenation and empowerment, woven together every Wednesday.

I extend an invitation to join our Wellness Reiki Circle. Whether in search of tranquility, motivation, or camaraderie, our circle welcomes you. Remember, caring for ourselves is not just permissible; it’s vital for our entrepreneurial excellence.

Conclusion: Keeping the Smile Philosophy Alive:

As we journey through the world of business, let the smile philosophy be our constant companion. It symbolizes our dedication to self-care, our entrepreneurial spirit, and the collective strength of our community.

I would love to hear how self-care shapes your business ventures. Share with us in the comments or reach out to learn more about the Wellness Reiki Circle. Together, let's champion self-care, not solely for our personal enrichment but for our collective prosperity in business.


Nasreen, a Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Japan Reiki Studio, is also the Canada chapter head of the Japan Reiki Association. She introduces women to self-care and energy work through her Wellness Reiki Circle, a first step in their transformative journey. With a philosophy of 'me first, then everyone else,' Nasreen emphasizes self-healing as essential for empowerment. A former skeptic turned passionate practitioner, she dedicates her life to teaching, healing, and life coaching, aiming to elevate vibrations and spread resilience and positivity.

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